img_5012This blog serves as as a chronicle of my travel exploits, arts and culture experiences and as an outlet for writing about my work in peacebuilding. What does peacebuilding mean? I work on issues related to peace processes, post conflict governance, the rights of women and girls, and increasing literacy in Africa.

Recently, I completed a M.S. in Global Affairs from New York University (NYU) with a concentration in International Relations and a Gender Specialization. I also hold a B.A. in International Studies and Political Science with an Africana Studies minor from UNC Charlotte. A few years ago, while studying abroad at King’s College London (London, UK) this blog emerged as a way to chronicle my educational experiences, as well as my travels in Europe.

I never would have thought that so many lovely people from around the globe would choose to follow my adventures — but you do. For me writing is a necessity most days and also a form of self-expression that helps me relax. I do my best to blog consistently, unfortunately work derails those plans every so often. Thank you for your interest and happy reading!