Canada’s wondrous views

Toronto is one of my favorite cities and it’s a quick flight from New York. There is so much to do in Toronto, from outdoor adventures, sports, festivals, Evergreen Brick Works, and High Park, to a thriving arts and culture scene. The city has numerous breweries and is a foodie paradise with something for everyone. The city is broken up into districts with two Chinatowns, Koreatown, Little Italy, Cabbagetown, etc. Also, funky areas chock-full of food and shopping, such as King and Queen streets, Kensington Market, the Distillery, Yonge & Bloor, and West Bloor – a popular vegan culinary hub.


The CN Tower is 1,815 feet high, has a glass floor, look out level, skypod, restaurants, and shopping. The views from the look out level are fantastic, but the skypod level is even better, and is the best spot for photos.


Looking down through the glass floor is amazing but those with a fear of heights will have a hard time looking down or standing on the glass. I enjoy heights but even I naturally gravitated to the steel crosses in between the glass and had to remind myself that it was okay to stand on the glass.


I wanted to do the edge walk, where an individual is attached to a harness and walks around the tower on a ledge 116 stories in the sky, but we were on a schedule… maybe next time.



We decided to drive to Niagara Falls instead of purchasing a package tour and taking a bus or train. The drive between Toronto and the falls takes about an hour and a half and parking is only a short walk from the falls. Driving also allows for picking and choosing other activities along the border, such as visiting the gardens or a tower similar to the CN in Toronto. However, for those wanting to partake in the wine tours, either have a designated driver or opt for the package tour. There is a strip with casinos, an arcade, miniature golf, and typical fast food joints – it’s a smaller version of Las Vegas.



Though we didn’t see as much as planned, our experience was fantastic. The main obstacle was that we were in Canada during a heat wave and after three days in the hot hot heat, another full day was too much for me. We walked around and took in the falls and then did the boat tour, which is absolutely worth the money. Wear something comfortable and have a change of clothing, if possible. We were drenched even with the plastic ponchos but considering how hot it was, the cold water was a relief.


The view from the Canadian side of the falls is spectacular and worth the drive across the boarder.

Even though boat tours are available from the American side of the falls, the view from Canada of the top of the falls on the American side shouldn’t be missed.


Next we hopped into a pod (air conditioned) on the skywheel, which provided another gorgeous view of the American side of Niagara Falls and a much needed respite from the blazing heat before making the drive to Toronto.


4 thoughts on “Canada’s wondrous views

  1. Hi Lori, I just happened to look in my spam folder tonight and discovered your trip to Toronto. Why it ended up there is anyone’s guess. I enjoyed your pics as I’ve never been there. Looks interesting. I thought part of Niagara Falls was closed this summer. Thanks. Love A Carly

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