Foraging for food in Portland Maine when you don’t eat lobster…

The coast of Maine has a cornucopia of food options for those who don’t eat lobster – but it takes a little planning. While in Portland we had wonderful fresh organic food daily. For those staying near the harbor, the restaurant options are seafood, traditional American, pubs and a few Japanese restaurants. However walk up the hill a few blocks and there are more restaurants frequented by locals.
IMG_3775// stayed at a hotel on Commercial Street (on the waterfront), which was a great location. Local Sprouts Cooperative and Silly’s serve a mix of organic dishes with an equal mix of meat and veggie options. It would be great if more restaurants were this balanced. Pom’s Thai Taste and Green Elephant Vegetarian Bistro make delicious Thai and Pan Asian cuisine. For Green Elephant, definitely make a reservation for the evening. Hi Bombay Indian is a jewel of a find and only a few blocks away from the warf.   IMG_3777//

Even the health conscious need to have a day where they veer from the plan, right? A food item that they secretly covet – a guilty pleasure of sorts. For this vegan — it’s donuts. Imagine my joy when I stumbled across the holy donut on all the tourist websites as a do-not-miss experience. The donut batter includes mashed potatoes – one of my other favorite food groups (potatoes). I was even more excited when I realized I could actually eat them. The holy donut makes two vegan donuts – cinnamon sugar and a berry glazed, and oh are they worth it. But get there early and be prepared to join the queue. They also make great coffee. I recommend grabbing the donuts and coffee, and walking the two blocks down to the Warf to people watch and look at the water.


For those who enjoy micro brews, there are plenty of options for beer tasting in walking distance but my favorite was shipyard brewery. There are also numerous bars with outdoor patios, where bands play on weekends.


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