Colonial, contemporary and futuristic themes



The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard was one of the best plays that I attended in 2014. Ewan McGregor, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Cynthia Nixon and Josh Hamilton were a stellar cast. McGregor was electrifying on stage. The story revolves around a playwright, and affair and his two wives. Nice revival of a contemporary classic play.




Indian Ink, another Tom Stoppard gem, centers on the life of Romola Garai’s character Flora Crewe, an English woman living in 1930s India. Jump ahead to 1980s England — the son of an Indian painter whom Flora befriended in India comes searching for answers about his fathers past and meets with a relative of Flora’s. The play is full of lessons about class, caste systems and forbidden friendships.




Ruth Wilson and Jake Gyllenhaal tell a story about an evolving relationship in Constellations by Nick Payne. The two replay several scenes of meeting one another, living together, breaking up and potentially dying. The possibilities seem endless. Though not my favorite play, it was well acted, slightly odd and completely watchable.


FullSizeRender-7When it comes to dance it’s always a tough choice for me. Most companies spread out their new and classic pieces over many nights. It encourages dance enthusiasts to purchase tickets for multiple nights, which I often do. Unfortunately this year, Alvin Ailey’s season happened during my crazy busy fall finals and holiday travel. I only made it to one night this season but it was worth it. The night I attended the company performed repertory work — Lift, Revelations, Four Corners, as well as the premiere of Awassa Astrige/Ostrich. I wish I could have attended more shows but I’m happy that I made it to one. There’s always next season.

So much to see and never enough time or disposable cash…


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