The Beauty of Pilanesberg Reserve ~ South Africa

One of the many amazing outdoor excursions that I experienced was the Pilanesberg Reserve.
We stayed at Kedar Lodge in Rustenburg. It is off the beaten path, which was amazing since for the most part I stayed in urban areas in South Africa.


The lodge has wonderful restaurants on the property. Even as a vegan with a ton of food allergies, they were able to accommodate me with several options, whether at the bar or the buffet dinners. But they also knew about my issues ahead of time. The staff was friendly and I highly recommend the spa, which has in and out door options. The room was very comfortable. As we walked around the property zebras ran past us. There were plenty of other animals, and there is a fenced in walk where a few endangered pygmy hippos live.

I was traveling as part of a large group so we split up into smaller groups for different safari experiences. The basic jeep options are 4:00 am and 5:00 pm – different animals are out at different times. I opted for the 4:00 am deal. Did I mention I’m not a morning person? Wow, was it cold but worth it.




It was amazing watching the sun come up in the jeep surrounded by wildlife.

Check out more photos on my flikr site.



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