What do Iran and Russia have in common? Oil reserves, sanctions, and instilling fear in the West. By Nicole Pickens and Lori Perkovich


U.S. senators are calling for sanctions against Iran for making a deal with Russia for a barter scheme involving oil-for-goods worth $20 billion, which will undermine the impact of U.S. sanctions on both countries. Currently, both Iran and Russia suffer under U.S. sanctions; Iran for its nuclear program, and Russia for its aggression toward Ukraine. In this barter scheme, the Russians have offered to trade their products for Iranian oil. At this point, the status quo U.S. reaction rings hollow. The U.S. is not happy with this deal, claiming that it violates the terms of the Iranian interim nuclear agreement. Russian Foreign Minister Anton Siluanov stated, however, that Russia is following U.N. regulations, not U.S. demands.

This latest move should not surprise anyone, especially members of the U.S. government. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been defying the West lately, and has yet to back down from any threats or…

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