Rawking Horse Ranch

Over the holiday season my other half and I visited family and friends in Indianapolis, IN and numerous cities in Northern California. I was excited to visit my friend JoAnn, who I missed on my last visit to California. She recently purchased a ranch in the area where she grew up and where some of my family resides. I had never been that far up the mountain though, before this visit.

As I slowly drove up the windy lane trying to figure out which property was hers, I spied my friend riding her horse Shad. I had barely parked the car when Shad and JoAnn greeted Pocky at the passenger side of the car.

pony 1

We immediately went into the stables where Shad got a bath and we checked out JoAnn’s newest, surprise boarders.

pony 7

pony 18

A little back story on the ranch — JoAnn has been talking about wanting a ranch for several years, but it seemed like an off-in-the-future kind of goal. As luck would have it, she was in the area helping a friend look at other properties when they came across a property for sale that triggered childhood memories. JoAnn grew up in this area and as a child she rode horses. It turns out that her childhood horse was boarded at this ranch, which made her nostalgic and as she walked around the property, she knew this was the one. It was a serendipitous moment that changed everything. Once the deal was done, she and her family moved onto the property (Rawking Horse Ranch), along with Kito (doggie) and Shad (horsey). Interesting name for a ranch, n’est–ce pas? Well, JoAnn has a professional day job but for as long as I have known her, has played the drums or been the vocalist in numerous bands.


She purchased the ranch as a place to live, where her friends could visit or bring their horses and ride. I’m not sure if she had been on the property a month when several people reached out to her looking for someone to rescue horses immediately, which leads me to her wonderful surprise and perhaps, temporary boarders.


Harwich Attila Lippitt Morgan Stallion – only a rescue in the sense that the breeders unfortunately needed to quickly find homes for some of their horses. Attila is healthy and amazing to see in person, such personality and speed.

pony 29

The other two arrived as a pair — Jemma and her colt Jax. They were in need of much love, a lot of food, and veterinary care. Jemma has put on a good amount of weight since her arrival and is a sweet girl, but shows scars from a difficult life. Jax is a good boy, who unfortunately has not had much exercise and probably needs a bit more attention and care.

We spent a little time at the main arena where Shad immediately rolled around in the dirt, after his bath. He seemed happy to have quality time with his new pal (girlfriend) Jemma.

pony 12

Next, we took Jax to a smaller area where he could get a little exercise on his own. Then it was time for Attila to run around a different outdoor arena for the first time. He seemed to enjoy it, especially when he realized the neighbor’s horses were at the fence checking him out.

ponies 2

The ranch is great — there is an indoor arena, and three outdoor arenas of varying sizes and still more open space, other buildings, stables and a gorgeous house. I’m really proud of my friend for working hard, following her heart and attaining her goals. I’ll keep the gossip session to myself; enjoy the horses…

Disclaimer on the video: we jumped out of the car and started running around the property immediately. Between gossiping with my friend who I had not seen in at least two years, a phone in one hand and the video camera in the other…I was so distracted that I forgot to switch to a wide angle. This was after all, a visit with a friend. So, that is why the frame is narrow, nonetheless I captured the ranch and the horses on film.



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