A Little Matisse To Break Up The Holidaze

Whenever I travel, whether stateside or abroad, I always investigate the arts and culture offerings during my stay, which has led to many wonderful experiences. Over the summer, with a few hours to kill in Atlanta, I stumbled across the listing for the exhibit of Vermeer’s restored Girl With The Pearl Earring that I have longed to see in person. It was worth the wait and I found it far more breathtaking than viewing the Mona Lisa in person.

During the December holidaze season, Pocky and I try to visit both sets of families, which means one trip to Indy and another to California. While visiting family in Indianapolis over the 2013 holiday season we attended the Matisse, Life In Color exhibit. The pieces are part of the collection at the Baltimore Museum of Art. The exhibit contains more than 100 Henri Matisse works that span the period from 1869-1954.

Matisse 27

I have always been a fan of Matisse but experiencing the diversity of this exhibit was great because I viewed unexpected pieces, colors and styles that I had never viewed in person.  Another positive – IMA allowed photographs of the exhibit.

Matisse 3

These pieces are part of the Cone collection. Long ago, Claribel and Etta Cone travelled to Paris and purchased art by up and coming artists such as Picasso and Matisse, returned to the states, and filled all available wall space in their Baltimore apartments with these treasures.

Matisse 22

Among the paintings and sketches, I found some wonderful sculptures. One of which, “The Serf,” featured Italian model Bevilaqua, also used by one of my favorite artists — Auguste Rodin for the “Walking Man.”

Matisse 36

The exhibit was definitely worth seeing and the rest of the museum is fabulous as well. They always have interesting travelling exhibits as well as the permanent collection featuring fabulous Asian treasures and a fairly comprehensive African collection. IMA is worth a visit while in Indianapolis.


One thought on “A Little Matisse To Break Up The Holidaze

  1. It’s always wonderful when you can explore the art in person that makes you feel. Van Goh was mine in Amsterdam. It’s been awhile since I explored an art exhibit.


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