Mazzini Dance Collective & Ear Heart Music

I seem to be spending a lot of time in Brooklyn lately, especially a four-block radius of Atlantic Avenue. If you know Brooklyn, then it might seem like an odd neighborhood to frequent, but there are several little clubs, the Barclay Center and performance space Roulette. Recently, I attended an interesting live music/dance event at Roulette.

I attended the Ear Heart Music – American Modern Ensemble & Mazzini Dance Collective show with several friends. Our seats were in the balcony, which was fabulous for most of the show.

I’m just going to get this small critique out of the way – Roulette is a great small theatre space and the balcony is great for watching performances on the split level main stage. My one complaint is that if you are in the last balcony row, you will not be able to see anything happening on the main floor – i.e.: much of the dance portion of the show.  So, we stood up during those segments, which was fine but not great. Moving on…

I love listening to violin, cellos, etc., and these days I find myself listening to more classical than loud rock music. If I had to compare the ensembles to widely known artists, I would put them in the Philip Glass category. I really enjoyed the music; most of it was haunting and dark with lots of interesting sound effects. Stylistically, the music reminded me of what you would hear in Hitchcock or film noir soundtracks.

I had not expected live music to have such a large role in the performance, but was pleasantly surprised. I went with a friend associated with the Mazzini Dance Collective and once she asked if I wanted to see dance event, I was in. The choreographer, Annmaria Mazzini was a principal dancer with one of my favorite dance companies — Paul Taylor Dance Company, for many years. That was all I needed to know. Mazzini’s work is contemporary and worked well with the live music.

I love going to see Alvin Ailey, Martha Graham and others at that level, but I like to support local or emerging dance companies as well. Looking forward to discovering other New York dance companies and excited to see what Mazzini will do next.


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