Constant State of Motion

Typically, when I am firmly ensconced in my academic bubble and left to my own devices, I turn into a shut-in. However, I am starting to think that might have more to do with my surroundings than my state of mind. When I studied at King’s College London, I went out with friends, studied, and hopped planes and trains (homework in tow) for other countries.

So far, New York resembles my London experience more than Charlotte, N.C…

Lately I feel as if I am constantly moving and rushing. I attend classes, events with friends, meetings with classmates, and many foreign relations/policy events — which is fabulous but I am perpetually tired. Perhaps it is adjusting to not living in my own home (again), multiple friends visiting at once, taking advantage of all New York has to offer or, maybe it is just the life of a grad student. I’m not complaining, but I definitely need to reevaluate my time management skills.

A few weeks ago – that’s right, I’m a little behind in the blogosphere world, I have to study after all…I had a big week out!

I was invited to attend an opening for a store-within-a-store at ABC (Carpet) in New York. For those not familiar, ABC is similar to Restoration Hardware, but more expensive. Is that possible you ask? Yes! So, for this student that translates to inspiration for new DIY projects, but I digress. It is gorgeous inside and worth a peak. We went to see Layla’s (Brooklyn) new space; it is well-designed and the vibrant beautiful textiles from India, including towels, other linens and clothing were like a magnet drawing me in. They also have fabulous jewelry from India, as well as amazing pieces by local designers. It was great to spend time with friends, catch up, meet new people and look at pretty things.

A few days later I went to see one of my favorite bands – The Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn. I am so happy I went, even on my own in my old lady seat. I was happily rockin’ out with my drink in my aisle seat, far away from the crush of people in front of the stage. Karen O is one of my favorite vocalists and I have wanted to see her band play live for years; they did not disappoint. My only regret — I wish I had seen them back in the day at a small venue.

The next night I headed back to Brooklyn to see a friend who I have not seen in ages — his band Greg Allen’s Fringe Religion (from Boston) was in town at Hank’s Saloon, which coincidentally is a block away from Barclay’s. They played a great rock and roll set. It reinforced the love of the small venue feeling that I had the night before. I had such a great time catching up with Curt and his wife Annette. It is wonderful having friends around the globe, the downside is I do not see most of them often enough.

So, the next day I met up with my friend Sarai, who was in town with her husband Chris for the historic (that’s what I’m told) Giants games. We wandered around St. Marks for a while, ended up at a nice Japanese restaurant for lunch, and then went over to walk the highline elevated park. The highline is great! I highly recommend it for tourists and locals. A walkway with art and greenery was built around abandoned elevated railroad tracks in the meatpacking district. As you walk you are surrounded by amazing views of the skyline, harbor, and the streets. They also have a ton of food vendors and plenty of places to sit, relax and take photos. I am really glad we went and I hope to go again soon. My suggestion – try to go during the week if possible because it was packed full of folks on the weekend. After the Giants game, we met up with Chris and headed over to my favorite Yum Yum Bangkok in Hell’s Kitchen for dinner, then Tavola for café and dessert, and finally a bar in St. Marks. Later, I sprinted through the pouring rain with the other soaked people headed to the subway, and caught the last drunk train out of Grand Central before my coach turned into a pumpkin.



And to all a good night!




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