How To Beat The Heat In Atlanta

Though not planned, somehow summer 2013 wound up as vacation time in the South. Pocky and I went to Charleston, SC for a weekend. Then, after a brief, unplanned trip to California to see family, I went to Augusta, GA to help my sister settle in to her new temporary apartment. Next, I drove to Atlanta, GA to visit my friend Ashli.

I only gave Ashli about one day’s notice before I showed up at her house. As with most people, she works during the day, which meant I was on my own. When I first arrived, I was in need of food, so I headed over to Ali Baba in Little Five Points. They have tasty, healthy inexpensive combos that are totally filling.



DSC03307Then I made the quick drive to the Jimmy Carter Center for a good history lesson. Now, I know there are many people that do not think much of him as a President, but he is a very smart man, a great peacemaker, and philanthropic to the core. The museum is full of important documents, campaign items, gifts from heads of state, information on his philanthropic work around the world, as well as his Nobel Peace Prize. I thoroughly enjoyed the museum.

After the museum, I met up with my friend and we had quality catch up time, before going to a local Thai restaurant for dinner.

The next day, I headed out to Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party, in Candler Park for coffee and to relax in the form of reading a book. This place has great coffee, music and ambiance. There are two rooms, and the second room is lined with bookshelves full of old books. Dr Bombay’s reminds me of long gone days in San Francisco cafes reading a book and listening to early jazz, Sinatra, etc. I stayed so long, that it was time for lunch. I decided to go to a local favorite in Little Five Points  — Planet Bombay. I love Indian food and they never disappoint. When I was sufficiently stuffed, I drove over to Atlanta’s High Museum of Arts, to gaze at the restored Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johan Vermeer. In 2011, I went to see a traveling exhibit of some of his other work that was on display in Cambridge, UK. They were wonderful pieces. Though, I was beginning to think I would never see his masterpiece in person. So, stumbling across this exhibit while I was looking for things to do in Atlanta seemed serendipitous. I’ve seen the Mona Lisa in person, and that was nice. But the girl…is truly mesmerizing in person, especially now that all of the cracks are gone. After I had made my way through all of the exhibits, which were also wonderful…I wandered into the room where she is on display and stood in front of her for a while, and then sat on a bench for a while gazing – and I don’t usually do that. Just stunning! (No photos allowed…Below sculptures by Rodin)


I headed back to my friend’s house after the museum. For my last night in Atlanta, Ashli wanted to take me to a bar with local flavor, we ended up at Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium in the Fourth Ward. I suppose this place isn’t for everyone, but it made me super happy. The funny thing is…when my sister and I left Atlanta the week before we were at a stop light, looked up saw this hilarious sign, wanted to stop – but took a photo instead. You guessed it, same place. Sometimes life is funny that way. Seems to be a theme on this trip.

Church barDSC03419

1098220_10151610710058789_2089453842_nLater that night I had dinner with Ashli and her husband. We had a little more quality time and then it was lights out and a four-hour drive home the next day. Must finish painting my house before leaving for New York.


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