Sisterly Adventures!

My sister is in the military and she has temporarily relocated to the Augusta, GA area after living outside the U.S. for several years. In July, when we had this visit, I wrote about our visit to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and a few other local Atlanta spots. I know…I’m a little behind.


In my defense, I have been a little busy getting the house ready for my extended leave, arriving in New York and beginning my graduate studies. So, I skipped ahead slightly and wrote a blog about my first week settling in to my new home away from home.

1075764_10201675610911836_119258856_nBack to Georgia – my sister and I spent a little over a week together in her new town. We ran errands, worked out in the fitness center where she lives, hung out at the pool, and ventured out around town. We cooked a lot at her place, which was relaxing, healthy, and it gave us time to catch up in private. We did go out for a few meals, including Soy Noodle House on Broad Street in the historic area in downtown Augusta. We also checked out the downtown farmers market and several of the art stores. I highly recommend just heading to downtown and just walking around – there are plenty of restaurants, bars and shops to keep you occupied.


One of the other adventures that we had was a horseback trail ride experience at Fort Gordon. I have never spent much time on military bases, aside from quick stops with my sister at different PX and Commissary’s. So, I had no idea how much of a base is open to the public – or maybe that is specific to Fort Gordon. Either way, if you are in the area, and you are the outdoors type, it is worth checking out.  They have a golf course, dinner theatre, bowling, movies, horseback riding and more. This civilian was completely surprised by how much there is to do on base and how gorgeous it was driving through the woods and past gorgeous lakes – just mind the signs people…


Now, I have not ridden a horse since I was a kid because that did not go very well. Though most people experience fearlessness as children, I seem to have the reverse constitution. I was actually pretty excited about our decision to go for a trail ride. My horse was named Shorty. Let’s just say she had a mind of her own and was not necessarily open to direction. She also liked to be the last in line. So there I am trying to get Shorty to leave the barn area and watching the rest of the group disappear. I finally had to yell at my sister to get everyone to stop. After having me try several things, our trail leader came back and helped me spin her around in a circle and then Shorty begrudgingly started walking – forward. I found that talking to her was key – the more I told her she was a good girl, the more she followed directions and the group. About ten minutes into the ride it started to pour and it rained almost the duration of the trail. I was soaked and I did not care. I was having a great time with my sister and Shorty. The first time Shorty took me off trail and on her own shortcut through the trees, I was a little nervous. By the second and third time I was pretty relaxed about it. Animals sure do have personality and she was one stubborn old lady.


My sister’s household items arrived at the end of this mini-vacation and we spent our remaining two days unpacking boxes and putting together furniture, which officially was our main objective. In our twenties and thirties we did not have the opportunity to vacation and travel together much, but that has changed in the past few years. We were lucky to be able to travel around Europe together and since I moved to North Carolina a few years back, we have spent some time in South Carolina and Georgia as well. I look forward to opportunities where we can spend quality time together experiences new places, cultures and people. – and taking way too many pictures.


4 thoughts on “Sisterly Adventures!

  1. LOL Ohhh yea, WAY too many pictures but for once I have a photo album from it! I’ve been HORRIBLE about blogging, so glad to read this through your eyes. Miss you already

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