Trading the car for the train

I wouldn’t say that I am settled in just yet, but I am adjusting to taking the train and subway, as opposed to driving my car everywhere. It is actually a fairly easy adjustment for me, and all of the walking is definitely good for me – it’s been a while. Now I just need to go to a yoga class or ten.

For those who do not know what I am talking about, I just made the transition from my permanent home in N.C. to my two-year, full-time home in New York to work on a master’s degree at NYU. A friend graciously allowed me to sublet her fabulously furnished home, so; luckily I did not have to purchase too much stuff for this transition. I brought a couple of suitcases and shipped a few more boxes of clothes and a few kitchen items that I could not be without. Once I arrived and figured out how much space I’d have I purchased a few organizational items for storage. I also went online and ordered quite a few large and small items for the kitchen because – let’s just say my friend believes kitchens are for storing glassware and sweaters, which I completely understand…but I love to cook. Hopefully, she won’t be too horrified by the changes in the kitchen the next time she is in town.

No need to fret, my time had not been completely monopolized by nesting…

My first night in town, we went out to a local favorite for Italian and we were there, as usual, until they closed.

The next night we headed to the Museum of The Moving Image in Queens to see In The Mood For Love by Wong Kar-wai. The film was part of a retrospective of his work, which I had never seen before. We arrived slightly early, purchased tickets, and then strolled over to the Astor Room. The space is a throwback to the Super Club era – décor, cocktails, music, and staff. After a cocktail, we went to the theater, and luckily we had tickets because it was packed. The film was amazing – sad, sweet and romantic with subtitles. My type of film.

After, we went back to the Astor for a short while, then made our way into Manhattan for a late, late dinner. We decided on Yum Yum Bangkok in Hell’s Kitchen. My food was great; the staff was friendly, great people watching, and open until sometime after midnight. What more could you want…

I have also started studying and classes start next week. So far, I have attended one orientation and I have one more next week, plus meet-and-greets. Should be fun.

And so it begins.


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