Loan Increases Out of Sync with Education Goals

I am about to begin a master’s program at NYU, and finances are foremost in my mind.  Politicians often talk about needing people with math and science degrees, as well as higher levels of education across the board that can make the U.S. more competitive on the global stage.  Raising interest rates on loans to levels that are cost prohibitive for most people does not seem a good way to encourage more individuals to pursue higher education.

The link will take you to the full article on the Evolllution’s site.

Loan Increases Out of Synch with Education Goals


2 thoughts on “Loan Increases Out of Sync with Education Goals

  1. It’s insane. Plus, I learned this week that the Government makes a bundle from these loans. They could well afford to make less and encourage education. How do they expect us to get back into the stream without aiding education? Bah, humbug!

  2. Yes, I try to take it in stride, but sometimes it makes me grumpy. I believe that if we are to become more competitive in the world, our higher education should be more in line with other countries as well.

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