Brilliant Botanicals

My sister Jen and I drove to Atlanta, GA to pick up her car and decided to wander around a bit afterward.

First, we headed to the Underground Atlanta district, checked out stores and found a great Mediterranean place for a late lunch.

Then we decided to go to the Botanical Gardens for a late afternoon/early evening visit. My sister is a great photographer and shoots a lot of outdoor scenes – so she was totally in her element and I love a great garden almost as much as I love a museum.

We definitely did not make it through the entire garden, but hit as much of the highlights as possible.

Orchids ~


Edible Garden ~

edible garden 1

Flowers ~


Japanese Garden ~

japanese 1

Imaginary Worlds Exhibit ~


This section is fabulous, but the ‘Earth Goddess’ is otherworldly. The details are stunning –- from the lines of her face to the shapes of her fingernails, this living sculpture is a quixotic piece of work.  I could have stayed there for hours.

Earth Goddess


4 thoughts on “Brilliant Botanicals

  1. So beautiful, if I get a chance to come out, I’d love to see these gardens, So lush and green in such a hot area, but it does tend to get lots of rain and humidity. Great photos. You both seemed to have had a great time, rain or no.. thunder even? hehehehehe

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