Charleston Charm

Recently Pocky and I headed out of town for a weekend getaway. Charleston, SC, is one of those towns that should be visited repeatedly. It is full of history, beautiful architecture, plantations, beaches, shopping, and great food. Living in North Carolina near the border of South Carolina is a plus, since Charleston is only a few hours away by car.

Pocky & Wednesday SC

DraytoneditOne day, we went to Drayton Hall, an amazing 18th century Georgian style house set on sprawling grounds with the backdrop of the Ashley River. The house has been preserved, but not restored, so it is empty, but amazing to see the architectural details that have survived.

Drayton house 1Drayton backside

Next we headed to Boone Hall Plantation and took a tour of main house, slave quarters, garden, a coach tour of the grounds, including the u-pick farm and my personal favorite –- the butterfly pavilion.

Boone Hall houseBoone Hall grounds

Boone Hall GardensButterfly 5edit

Boone slave

Boone slave quilts

Over the weekend we also roamed around the Charleston Historic District, which is full of amazing architecture, restaurants, shops. Pocky and I took a carriage tour to absorb the history of some of the houses and headed over to the old city market -– a great row of artisans and other vendors selling local fare. One of the nights we ended up at Mercato’s Italian Restaurant for after-dinner drinks and to hear a local jazz band play the standards.

I also recommend the harbor cruise if you are looking for a way to beat the heat and humidity. I love being out on the water and it is a great way to get a different view of the city, as well as the islands and a different history lesson.

We had a great adventure, but there is still more that I want to see, maybe even later this month with my sister.  A few years ago she and I spent a day in the swamp at Magnolia plantation with a quick stop at Folly beach. I want to see the rest of Magnolia at some point, hopefully soon.

Charleston downtownship sceditSC fort


3 thoughts on “Charleston Charm

  1. Nice! Glad I got the chance to catch up and read this… seeing as we’re busy with current adventures! 😉 Your making me think that a visit to Sc might be in the works!

  2. Great get-a-way for you two, In the early 70’s we took a road trip through the country, coast to coast, making use of K.O.A. camps “to ensure the economical approach 🙂 ) But the memories of the many places in the USA to travel and visit remains. I am glad you are taking the time to visit some of them. I’ve always thought it would enhance history to tour the plantations and parts of the South I’ve only read about. There is a horrific history to try to understand that ran along the undercurrent of the balls and plantations that housed the wealthy. It’s insane that such beauty and glamour existed on the sweat and labor of so many souls. It’s also amazing to realize how long it has taken to attempt to repair and how far we still have to go.

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