A Rainy Afternoon at the Museum

DSC02855editIt was pouring rain a few days ago and I just really needed to leave the house. So, I decided to check out one of the two Mint Museum locations.

I chose the Randolph location because there is currently an American glass exhibition and I have a glass fetish — depression, leaded, Roman, Czech Crystal, Borowski in Poland, Murano off Venice, Tiffany, Frank Lloyd Wright, Blenko — you get the picture.

This was my first trip to this location and I am glad that I went. The museum grounds reminded me of visiting parks in the UK when the weather was a little gray but lovely. The building itself was originally a United States Mint location and one of the smaller collections displays historic coins from the original Mint.

The museum is not massive with sprawling collections, but the main collection and exhibits have pieces that show the diversity of cultures and eras. They have crafts, ceramics, fashion and glass, as well as American, African, Latin American, and Asian art.

DSC02867edit DSC02870edit DSC02876edit

I really do love art in general, but I seek out African art and was pleasantly surprised to see such a varied representation of different African cultures.



Gorgeous pieces of American glass were on display, as well as for sale in the gift shop…
The fashion exhibit was another highlight…I have a closet full of vintage dresses and shoes; the 1920s – 1950s is my favorite span as far as clothing that I like to wear.

DSC02892edit DSC02913edit DSC02927edit


However, the Jane Austen reading, British period piece-film watching part of me loves looking at clothing/costumes from the1800s to early 1900s as well.






The Mint has a lovely display of dresses and suits created by French, English and American designers, some of which were worn to famous events such as a suit that was worn at the royal wedding of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI at the palace of Versailles. A few of the highlights include dresses by Dior, Balmain and Saint Laurent.

Not too shabby for a rainy afternoon.


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