Temporary New Yorker

Lori NYU blog

Those following my blog from the beginning know that I started this as a chronicle of a non-traditional student (in my 40s) studying abroad in London, shacked up in a high-rise dorm with mostly twenty-somethings. I did a lot of traveling around the UK and Europe, so the blog read more like a travel guide for a while.

Upon my return to the U.S., I still had plenty of travel tales, stories about life at UNC Charlotte, stateside arts and culture, and also my latest restoration and reuse projects. And the occasional link to the articles I pen for the LifeLong Learning site The EvoLLLution.

At this point the blog is a bit of a mélange.

On to my update…a month ago, I accepted an offer from the NYU SCPS Global Studies program to pursue a Masters of Science in Global Affairs. NYU’s program takes a contemporary approach to current world issues through direct engagement. The program features distinguished scholars (professors) who also have day jobs in the varying fields of concentration. I am very excited to begin my newest journey in the fall.

Thank you to everyone that has supported me and gone on this extended educational adventure with me.

There are plenty of restoration projects on the horizon, new adventures, arts and culture, and ideas generated from my ongoing studies. Hopefully there will be something for everyone and you will all stick around.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Temporary New Yorker

  1. WOW….heading to my home town .. Hope you love it. Are you gonna get a place in Tribeca or Soho – easy access to the school? As always, I am SO PROUD of you and your educational achievements. I miss you and wish I had the opportunity to hook up. It will happen!!!! xoxoxo, Lu

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