Rustic Crate Shelving on Caster Wheels

I have an affinity for the rustic reclaimed wood look and I have for years. So, I am always looking for small ways to bring that look into our modern condo — that I am perpetually attempting to make look old, ha ha.

Somewhere online I stumbled across photos of wood crates mounted on the wall, made to look like a full wall shelving unit…and it looked great. That was the inspiration for this project.

I purchased four unfinished wood crates, gave them a light sanding and stained them an English Chestnut shade – I tend to gravitate toward dark wood grains.


Then I glued the crates together to create a vertical tower. The slats of wood were not very thick, so I used carpet tacks (along with glue) instead of traditional nails to secure the crates.



I chose the tacks partially because of their length, but mostly because of the rustic look, which was what I was going for aesthetically.


Finally, I spray painted four silver swivel plate caster wheels a matte black and attached them to the bottom crate.

Voilà!  ~ le produit final



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