Vintage Window Frame Art Project

The completion of this project has dragged on and on, but I am happy with outcome.

I have a thing for vintage — everything, and I have always been into the reuse, recycle principal. The fashionable term at the moment is upcycling. Nonetheless, I am far happier shopping at a restore or the basement of my friend’s antique store than at the mall or high-end shops, most of the time…

I must admit I started this project in 2011, then went to study in London, travelled, and upon my return immediately began an overwhelming final year of studies. I’m also not particularly crafty…I’d much rather use power tools to build something or reupholster furniture. Needless to say, I had painted the farm table and window frame, acquired the art prints, and then left them in the corner for about a year.

My vision was to create a small bar with a piece of art (the window frame) in our living room.

I placed four vintage advertising style prints on a mat board behind the four paned window, which I cleaned up, but left a little sign of wear.

window art

As for the farm table – I once used it for a desk and the tabletop was very rustic and rough. My intention was to add a glass top to the table down the road but after I finished the window, I realized that I needed to do something about the top now. I stained the top a dark walnut, which completely changed the look of the table and works much better with the lamp and art. Since I won’t be home much to enjoy it (more about that later), for now — it has a basic bar set. My final vision of this bar features a silver tray with crystal decanters and cocktail gadgets on a glass top.

Bar art window

On to the next project.


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