Hilton Head Island ~ “A Room with a View”

Last weekend was one of the rare instances where Pocky had a weekend off. So, we decided on a short getaway. Hilton Head Island in South Carolina is beautiful and only about a four-hour drive from Charlotte, N.C. We arrived in the early evening and checked into the resort. Our room had an amazing view of the ocean, thanks to Pocky. We relaxed for a little while and then went to Kurama for yummy Japanese food.

We spent the next day at the beach under an umbrella, but unfortunately for Pocky his legs did not have full shade and he wound up with a doozie of a sunburn. I took breaks from reading and gazing at the waves to swim in the ocean. Though not as clear as the Adriatic, it was very warm. Swimming across the waves wore me out a little.

In the late afternoon we drove along the coast and over to the lighthouse. We climbed 114 steps to the top and took in the amazing view. Once we were on the ground floor we took a break in the shade in rocking chairs facing the docked boats, very relaxing. After all that sun, this girl needed a nap.

We ended up sitting on our balcony watching the sunset, which was fabulous. I just wish that we had known most restaurants on the island close at 9pm, even on the weekend. We finally found a great Thai restaurant (Ruan Thai) only about five minutes from the resort, open until 10pm. Luckily, there were several couples dining late and the restaurant stayed open a little later than normal…

The next morning we woke up early and made the scenic one-hour drive to Savannah, GA. There were many places I wanted to see in Savannah, but it was so hot that we had to skip a few things. Which means there is another trip to Savannah in my future (not in the summer). We did see most of the historic area, including the River Street shopping area, Forsyth Park and many of the squares.

Pocky and I went to the popular Kayak Kafe in the historic district, which I highly recommend — tofu and pork on the same menu, microbrews, vintage inspired sodas, etc. Not a very large space, so try to avoid business lunch rush – but even if you have to wait — it is worth it.

We were on Hilton Head Island by the late afternoon. For dinner we wanted something more authentic to the island that we both would enjoy. We ended up at the very popular lowcountry restaurant Roast Fish and Cornbread by chef David Vincent Young. This place has a regular hour and a half wait, grab a drink and wait. They are known for their fish dishes, yummy sides, and also a special vegetarian menu. The food is fresh with French, Spanish, African and English influences and the staff is super friendly. The sweet potato cornbread tastes like a dessert. If that restaurant was in Charlotte, I would go weekly.

After dinner, Pocky and I enjoyed cocktails on the balcony and watched the sun set over the ocean.


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