New York Grad School and Museum Tour

I am at the point where I must start applications to graduate programs. Three of the schools that I am most interested in are in Washington, D.C. and the other is NYU in New York.  So, I recently went to New York to attend an information session at NYU. The experience was time well spent. I now have a better understanding of the program and had a chance to speak with the Global Studies department chair and other faculty members.

I stayed with my good friend Diana and spent five days roaming around New York in the hot, hot heat. The day I arrived, I took the train from Grand Central to Diana’s house, changed my clothes and headed to NYU for the event. Afterward, I headed to Grand Central where I sprinted down the platform to make the train and arrive at the restaurant in time for our reservation, whew. Diana and I walked over to Sammy’s Bistro for a late dinner, drinks and a little catching up.

The next day I went to the Metropolitan, which is probably my favorite NY museum, but honestly, I enjoy them all. I stayed until right before closing. As I made my way outside I noticed some street performers setting up – The Afro Batz. They were a good time.

I made my way back to Grand Central and caught the cross-town bus to the Pier, where I hopped a boat for a cruise around the harbor. What a great way to see the skyline and beat the heat.

Afterward, I grabbed a quick bite at Grand Central, which has great restaurants – Indian, Mediterranean, Thai, Chinese, Burgers, the Oyster Bar…

On Friday I checked out my old neighborhood before taking the train into the city. I made my way over to Guggenheim, but first stopped at Indian Tandoor Oven on E 83rd. They have great food, are super friendly and kept trying to give me free food…I like the Guggenheim, but I’m more of a Picasso, Vermeer, Klimt, kind of a girl. The architecture as well as the art are modern, and other than the classics tucked away in one back area, I enjoyed Paul Cezanne, Marc Chagall, Marcel Duchamp, Kandinsky, and most of the French and Japanese artists. I met Diana in the early evening for cocktails and food before heading home.

Saturday I had a lazy day and slowly made my way over to 5th Avenue and into Central Park, where I spent the afternoon wandering, resting and reading. Diana and I met up with our friend Helene for dinner and drinks, and then headed to the house to relax. For my final day in NY, I spent the day at the MOMA, another fabulous museum. Afterward, Diana and I had dinner at a great little Bistro near Grand Central before heading to the house.

Once back in Charlotte, I had the fabulous surprise of spending the day with my niece Kayla who was in town for one day. I have a few days in my own home, then off to Hilton Head Island with Pocky. This has been a great summer.


2 thoughts on “New York Grad School and Museum Tour

  1. Thank you for taking us along with you. Sounds like a wonderful trip, museums, good friends, good food and walking your old haunts in New York. How fun and a neat summer treat. Especially that part at the end when you saw your neice… <>

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