Dorm Life in London

While studying at King’s College London in the United Kingdom (UK), I moved into a neighborhood, became a roommate, discovered favorite stores and restaurants, and picked up new habits. And — through travel and living in a dorm with 250 twenty-year-olds, I realized that I still have adaptability skills…

My drafty dorm was in a tower on the south bank near the London Bridge Underground and the famous Borough High Street Market. My room faced the loading dock of Guy’s hospital and my room was smaller than my closet at home, but luckily I had a roommate with a portable heater who liked to share. They placed me in a cluster flat – basically, it is a small apartment on one side of the building with a kitchen, bedrooms and a bathroom. My roommates were all graduate students at the dental school. When we were not studying, we hung out in the kitchen and cooked.

There is so much to do on the south side —the London Dungeon, Imperial War Museum, the London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Southwark Cathedral, and the Tate Modern. Then there is the Southbank Center that houses Queen Elizabeth Hall, Hayward Gallery, The National Theatre, vendors on the pier, a carousel, another fabulous farmers market and tons of restaurants such as Wagamama, All Bar One, Le Pain Quotidien, and Strada.

Another funky aspect of London, you find many dark, creepy tunnels. Near my dorm there were several. Part of what makes them so interesting is that some of them have shops, bars and clubs hidden away inside. Took me a while to adjust to walking through them in the dark because they reminded me of a scene from Sherlock Holmes or Whitechapel, where the hanging old light flickers on and off and water drips from the top of the tunnel.

I miss my friends, the restaurants, stores, arts and easy underground access to all London. One of the items that I grew attached to — my electric kettle, which I promptly purchased upon my return to Charlotte. I had a great time in London and the other places that I visited, and also discovered that I could happily work and live in other countries in the future.

There are still more blogs to come, but here are the links to all of the uploaded photos and videos from all of my travels. Enjoy.




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