Spring Break Las Vegas Style

Usually I use the Spring Break week to catch up on homework and try to get ahead. This semester, I went to Las Vegas.

After studying abroad and traveling, this student’s budget is busted. But Pocky was headed to Vegas for work, so I tagged along –- and invited some friends.

My friend Sarai came for the first couple of days and she and I hung out and relaxed.

When Pocky wasn’t working he hung out with us. We had a funny moment on the strip when he quickly wrote a story on his iPhone between casinos (no joke) and Sarai said, because he’s that good. Out of nowhere this guys says –“he’s the Hunter S. Thompson of writers.”  It’s Vegas.  Another great moment was when the three of us rode the roller coaster. So scary, with a huge, crazy drop. Definitely worth it.

I spent a lot of time at the Venetian, which has my favorite coffee place in the U.S., Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Pocky, Sarai and I also hung out Tinoretto Bakery, which has great coffee, Italian sodas, and food.

We did some gambling and I found out that I am okay at one of the easier poker games. When I sat at the table I made money and Pocky started to lose. In fact he calls it losing, not gambling.

On our one night alone, Pocky and I ate at Sushi Roku in Caesars Palace. The food and atmosphere are amazing. I do have a favorite Japanese restaurant other than Roku, but neither of us could remember what it is called or which casino it is in. Eventually I will find it, but until then, Roku it is…

My friend Thea arrived on Friday and we also roamed around with and without Pocky. We had a great dinner at Canaletto in the Venetian one of the nights and then fabulous Mexican at El Segundo Sol at Fashion Show mall.

On Sunday, I ended up with an open day on my own. First I headed to the Luxor to check out the Bodies exhibit, which I really enjoyed. So much so, that about a week ago, I went to see the Mummies exhibit in Charlotte at Discovery Place. Both were amazing and well worth the money.

Next, lunch at Fashion Show –- the Red Velvet Café is fabulous.  Food can be an issue for me in Vegas, unless planned out in advance. Surprisingly, Vegas has not caught up with healthy eating. Back to Red Velvet, they serve vegetarian, vegan and traditional dishes. If you are looking for a break from casino food this is a good option, especially if you enjoy fashion. After lunch I drove to the movie Theatre at the Palms and watched the Artist, one of my favorite films in years. I think this was the first time I have ever been a theatre with only two other people. Made me want my own private theatre.  After the film I still had time to kill before meeting Pocky for dinner. I went into the Palms and had a cocktail at the first floor bar, which was way more laid back than how I spent most of the week. We ended the night at Chin Chin in New York, New York, and then hopped the red eye home.


3 thoughts on “Spring Break Las Vegas Style

  1. I just love your blogs… I think at my age I’m beginning to live vicariously through your travels. Even after a few years, I still miss you. Thea and I talk about you all the time. I’m moving to Scottsdale AZ on June 1. Hopefully your travels will bring you to Arizona and we can spend a weekend catching up. Hugs. Lucille

    • Lucille, I miss you too. I am glad you enjoy the blogs. Hopefully it won’t take too long for me to visit in AZ. I spent a lot of vacation time in Tucson as a kid. I’ll email you so that I can make sure I have your new contact info. Mack Avenue sure won’t be the same without you.

  2. Your writing tells me had a thoroughly great time seeing and doing as much as you could. I am so glad Pocky had time to have fun too. And tell him I agree that the activity of cards, dice and other “fun” stuff is “Losing” there’s very little chance of us little people coming out ahead. hahahahaha that’s how they build the huge elaborate clubs, offer “free deals” and free rooms. They just love to have you gamble/lose. hehehehehe

    The theatre sounds lovely, I enjoy taking in a show now and then on my own. It’s quiet during matinees and very few people are there…. Sounds like a great spring break…

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