Cyprus Getaway Part Two

On the second day of my vacation on the island of Cyprus, Katie, the boys and I drove to her parents beach house, which is lovely. At the end of their backyard sits a small stairway to the beach; amazing. I still have not fully adjusted to all of the rocks, but I guess that is what beach shoes are for. I actually did swim and played with boys.  But mostly I sat and stared at the spectacular coastline.  After, her mother made lunch for us. It was some of the best food I have ever eaten. Cypriot food is my new favorite food to cook; the secret ingredient is cinnamon. As we sat and relaxed, Katie asked me if I’d like to ride a camel. I was a little surprised, but she said that she was planning on taking the boys to feed carob to the camels and I could ride one if I wanted to. Okay, swimming in the ocean and riding a camel in the same day – sounded like a plan. She offered me a large piece of carob; it was as if it had been picked from a tree. I had no idea that carob was edible in that form, but it is, and it’s pretty tasty too. We loaded up the car and headed away from the beach and toward Mazotos, Cyprus. The park has camels, horses and other animals as well as arcade games, a bouncy castle and a few other rides for children and is under ten euro, even if you purchase the camel ride. It was worth it. The photos are pretty funny of me on the camel. And I had no second thoughts until it was time to dismount the camel. The two in front of mine sat down, but mine decided he would prefer to stand. The nice man told me to lean far back and even held his hand in front of me as if to brace my fall. I had a moment where I thought, his had will not brace my fall if this camel throws me, and good thing I bought the international student health insurance. But eventually, after much persuading, my camel hit the deck and I somehow managed to stay on. And yes, I’m still glad I rode the camel (enjoy the photos). On my final day, Katie dropped me off in the downtown Nicosia area and I made the ten-minute walk over to the Cyprus Museum Nicosia. This museum is full of 8th millennium B.C. archeological finds. They have sculptures, pottery, jewelry, coins, bronze and more. I was shocked at the amount of intact items that have been recovered from the island. I highly recommend it. Then I found fabulous food at a Cypriot restaurant where I had an orange lentil dish that I couldn’t get enough of and a KEO beer, something else I recommend. I looked at architecture and shopped the rest of the afternoon. My final evening was spent with my friends at their home. It was not exactly what I had envisioned for the weekend, but ended up being a fun mostly solo adventure. The lesson, do not miss out on new experiences for fear of having to realize it alone.


3 thoughts on “Cyprus Getaway Part Two

  1. Lori, I never thought I’d see you on a camel. But I m not surprised you didn’t take adavantage of the opportunity. Sounds like a wonderful time good food, good friends and great quiet time to move at your own pace. Interesting foods too! I’m not always very adventurous where food is concerned, my loss…Love Mom

  2. Wow this sounds so fantastic!! You do know the picture of you on the camel is being printed, framed, and added to my wall don’t you? =o) Sounds like your adventurous self had a good time exploring!!

  3. OMG – These photos are amazing. You are far more courageous than I. Maybe 20/30 years ago, I’d attempt a ride on a camel – but today – not so much :).

    Reading these blogs is like being in the countries with you and I’ve loved every moment of the trip that you’ve shared with us. Thanks for the post card. Hope your holidays were joyful.

    Life sounds wonderful these days and what a blessing to be able to experience all these cultures, people and foods… It gives us an appreciation of the world we live in and a deep respect for how others live.

    Love Ya

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